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Kheelz Wallet ICE Card

Price: $3.00
Manufacturer: Kheelz ICE Cards, LLC

ICE numbers stored in phones are no longer a useful solution, as most modern smart phones are locked with a passcode. This prevents medical staff from gaining access to your emergency contact.

There is, however, another item you have on you at practically all times - your wallet.

While credit and ID cards have your name, more information is often needed in an emergency.

Kheelz Wallet ICE Card keeps all the essential information accessible on one card could help medical responders provide the best help and care, and to contact your next of kin promptly.

Information about medications and allergies facilitates making fast decisions about treatments, especially in the case of heavy blood loss, it is important for emergency staff to know your blood type.

Kheelz ICE Cards are printed on a synthetic waterproof, tear proof paper.

How To Set Up:

1) Fill out Kheelz Wallet ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card with a ball point pen or fine point permanent marker-DO NOT USE PENCIL.

2) Tri-fold each Kheelz ICE Card.

3) Insert Kheelz ICE Card into Kheelz Vinyl Adhesive Pocket with the words “Pull Here” at the open pocket area.(see images for placement)

4) Peel off each Kheelz Vinyl Adhesive Pocket backing and press firmly onto flat area of open wallet. (see images for placement suggestions)

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