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Kheelz Shoe ICE Card & Medical Alert ID

Price: $6.00
Manufacturer: Kheelz ICE Cards, LLC

The purpose of a medical ID is to alert paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) to a patient's specific medical or allergic condition at the point in time when they're about to administer emergency treatment. It's especially critical for children & persons whose illnesses might render them unable to speak to wear a medical id bracelet or medical alert pendant. For example, some of the conditions most commonly engraved on medical id jewelry are conditions such as Diabetes, Epilepsy, and for kids, severe insect and food allergies. Additionally, anyone involved in a traumatic incident such as a car crash could be in a state of emotional distress or unconsciousness when help arrives, preventing the patient from giving their pertinent medical information to first responders. It's commonly said that a medical ID speaks for you when you're unable to speak.

Kids who have medical conditions should definitely wear medical identification. No matter how involved you are in your kid's life, there could be a time when you can't speak up for your child. Whether it's at school, child care, a friend's house, a birthday party, or some other event, there might be a circumstance in which your child's medical information needs to be known right away. A medical ID can do just that, and help your child receive the correct treatment, faster.

Kheelz ICE Card Shoe Insert

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