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Kheelz Car Seat ICE Card

Price: $3.00
Manufacturer: Kheelz ICE Cards, LLC

Automobile accidents are the #1 killer of children. In many cases, children are not properly buckled into their safety seats and/or parents don't realize a booster seat is vital to ensuring children fit safely in their car's seat belt.

Children are away from their parents more and more today. They may be riding in a vehicle with other parents, grandparents, daycare providers or many others. In the event of an automobile accident that incapacitates the adult driver and passengers, rescue personnel will have a difficult time identifying children riding in car safety seats.

In some situations, these adults may not be related to the child passenger; therefore, conventional means of obtaining information will be useless.

Kheelz Car Seat ICE Card can make a significant difference.

Most state laws require that all youngsters under 4 years of age or up to 40 pounds must be seated and harnessed in an approved child safety seat when riding in a car. Now that same child safety seat can provide vital information about its young occupant in the unfortunate event that the driver of the car is incapacitated in a car accident.

Kheelz Car Seat ICE Card's adhesive pocket sticks to the child safety seat so that emergency personnel will know immediately that there is vital information contained within the ICE Card in pocket.

Kheelz Car Seat ICE Card contains the child's name, medical history, names and telephone numbers of up to three other emergency names and telephone numbers.

How Do They Work?

1) Fill out Kheelz Wallet ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card with a ball point pen or fine point permanent marker-DO NOT USE PENCIL.

2) Tri-fold each Kheelz ICE Card.

3) Insert Kheelz ICE Card into Kheelz Vinyl Adhesive Pocket with the words “Pull Here” at the open pocket area.(see images for placement)

4) Peel off each Kheelz Vinyl Adhesive Pocket backing and press firmly onto flat area of car seat (see images for placement suggestions)

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