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Kheelz Diaper Bag ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card

Price: $3.00
Manufacturer: Kheelz ICE Cards, LLC
In case something should happen to you/caregiver of your child how will anyone identify your child?

What if something happens to both of you? How can your child be identified and properly treated by medical professional while notifying loved ones of the situation?

Kheelz Diaper Bag ICE Card provides peace of mind and answers the above questions.

If nothing else, if you forget the diaper bag at a store or under the table at a restaurant, proper identification will make it easier for the person who finds it to get your bag back to you.

How Do They Work?

1) Fill out Kheelz Diaper Bag ICE (In Case of Emergency) Card with a ball point pen or fine point permanent marker-DO NOT USE PENCIL.

2) Tri-fold each Kheelz ICE Card.

3) Insert Kheelz ICE Card into Kheelz Vinyl Adhesive Pocket with the words “Pull Here” at the open pocket area.(see images for placement)

4) Peel off each Kheelz Vinyl Adhesive Pocket backing and press firmly onto flat area of car seat (see images for placement suggestions)

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