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Kheelz ICE Card Medical Alert ID System - LARGE Toddler 13 thru Child 8

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 Kheelz ICE Card Medical Alert ID System

Kheelz ICE (In case of Emergency) Card Medical ID System provides a critical safety feature to carry identification, contact, and emergency medical information when worn by children.

Here is how it works:

  1. A Medical ID logo shoelace charm is placed on the outside of each shoe with the inscription, “ICE Card in Shoe Insert” on charm (Use stickers if non-lace shoes) 
  2. Two waterproof ICE (in Case of Emergency) cards are filled out with permanent ink or ball point pen with all the important personal, medical and emergency contact information. (Each card can contain the same information or each can have more detailed information, users decide) The card is inserted into the pocket area of each Kheelz insert.
  3. The Kheelz insert is then placed into user’s shoes. (Cut double stick pads in half and place on each side of pocket area to secure insert in place)
  4. In case of a medical emergency and the injured child is too afraid or cannot speak, the Kheelz ICE (In case of Emergency) Card Medical ID System will speak for them!  First responders will see the medical ID charm, read the inscription, remove shoes, remove and read the Medical ID cards from Kheelz insert - make important critical emergency decisions needed to help the injured child, contact their emergency contacts to inform what has happened and where their loved ones will be.

Kheelz ICE (In case of Emergency) Card Medical Alert ID System includes:

  • 2 Shoelace Charms 
  • 2 Shoe Stickers (for non-lace shoes)
  • 1 Pair of LARGE Kheelz Pocket Cushion Shoe Insert.
  • 2 ICE (In Case of Emergency) Cards, Kheelz ICE Cards features shown below
  • 2 Double Stick Pads (to secure insert in place)

Fits US Child Sizes 2.5 thru Child 8

Kheelz ICE Card Shoe Insert Features

Kheelz ICE Card Shoe Insert

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